Voxer Make your Android Mobile As Walkie Talkie and Free Call with Friends

Make your Android & Iphone as Walkie Talkie with Voxer - Maine

Turn your Android Mobile Phone into Walkie talkie using Free Voxer Android App. Connect it with facebook and social and find peoples nearest to you.

Make your Android & Iphone as Walkie Talkie with Voxer - 1 Make your Android & Iphone as Walkie Talkie with Voxer - 2

Push to Talk, text, photos, location, groups, cross platform and no ads :)

Turn your phone into a Walkie Talkie.

Don’t waste time on phone calls and voicemails.

Voxer® is a Walkie Talkie app for smartphones. Send instant Audio, Text, Photo and Location messages to one friend or a group of your friends. Your friends can listen to your message while you talk or check it out later.

★ LIVE Walkie Talkie
★ Talk with friends on Android and iPhone
★ No annoying advertisements
★ Works over WiFi, 3G, 4G, EDGE, etc.
★ Get notifications for new messages
★ Create messages even offline
★ Play voice messages faster
★ Connect with Facebook friends on Voxer

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